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New! Signature Series

The Northern Chains Collection for 2022 is designed for newer players; the set came out of a 7-part podcast discussion between Northern Chains podcast host Steve Fredlund and Kesler Martin from Infinite Discs. This collection is perfect for those who want to throw Infinite Discs plastic, support their partnership with Northern Chains and get a very limited run collector's set.

This five-disc set will include the custom Northern Chains stamp (pictured) on:

  • Alpaca in D-Blend Glow
  • Tomb in D-Blend Glow
  • Chariot X-out in S-Blend Splatter
  • Sphinx in I-Blend
  • Scepter in I-Blend
  • Signature Collection
  • Alpaca
  • Chariot
  • Scepter
  • Sphinx
  • Tomb in D-Blend
  • Price

At this point, these special discs will only be sold as a set of 5. Once we have the discs (by April 1), the sets will be sold through Northern Chains for $80 each (plus shipping). However, if you want to pre-order a set, place your order by March 25 and you will get the set for $70 each (plus shipping).

This will be an extremely limited run, so if you love Northern Chains, Infinite Discs, or collecting rare discs, this is for you!

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Northern Chains is ultimately about building community among those who are passionate about the great game of Disc Golf.

Let's learn together, play together, champion each other and build life-long friendships.

“I wanted to create a space where I could have more conversations about disc golf, meet some cool people, and get better at the game. So I created the Northern Chains podcast and I emailed my 'ol pal Mark Praschan to make this website!”

Steve Fredlund
Steve Fredlund, Host
Disc golf basket

Hosted by Steve Fredlund

Steve has hosted more than 600 podcast episodes including RecPoker, The Pete & Steve Show, and Small Small Business.

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Meet your Northern Chains Coach

Anthony Erickson is a local pro for the Kaposia Disc Golf Course in South St. Paul, Minnesota. Anthony has a love for teaching the game and is available for individual ($50 per hour) and group coaching sessions (rates available upon request).

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